The Wellington, New Zealand-based startup’s goal is to help scholars advance their careers by building a portfolio of article critiques and, in turn, help journals find quality reviewers. The traditional anonymous peer review process used in academic publishing is meant to ensure objectivity, but it means reviewers give up their time for very little reward.

The lack of transparency is also vulnerable to exploitation, which can lead to flawed (if not fraudulent) research making it into prestigious publications. Publons, a platform for post-publication peer review, wants to address these problems by becoming “the Stack Overflow of academic research.” Publons, a system which has recently been praised by Nature, an international weekly journal of science, has data on about 30,000 peer reviewers.  The ultimate goal is to keep an updated peer reviewer pool (website) that can help journal editors select reviewers.  

The mission of the startup Publons is to speed up science by making peer review faster, more efficient, and more effective.  Publons works with reviewers, publishers, universities, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. Specifically, they collect peer review information from reviewers and from publishers, and produce comprehensive reviewer profiles with publisher-verified peer review contributions that researchers can add to their resume.

Dr. Assari was recently notified by Publons that within a pool of 30,000 reviewers, he is ranked 5th. Click here to check out the 10 top reviewers at Publons.

Publons is completely free for academics.

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