Cornely Postdoctoral Fellow, 1999-2001

samuels.jpgDr. Samuels received her Ph.D. in Clinical and Personality Psychology from The University of Michigan in 1997. Her dissertation was entitled Resilience of American Indian Adolescents of the Northern Plains. It was an analysis of protective and compensatory mechanisms, gender, and Northern Plains culture as predictors of absence of a psychiatric diagnosis and behavioral competence in the presence of adversity with a sample of American Indian adolescents attending a tribally-administered boarding school in the northern plains region of the United States. Concurrent with her doctoral program, Dr. Samuels worked as a consulting psychologist at various community-based health clinics serving American Indians. She was the author and principal investigator of "The Seventh Generation", a major neighborhoods initiative grant which focused on community empowerment and was funded by the Kellogg Foundation. She has also been involved in American Indian community program development, provision of technical assistance, and clinical psychological services.

Dr. Samuels is currently the Substance Abuse/Mental Health Director at the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians located in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Dr. Samuels provides quality substance abuse and mental health treatment that will integrate and reinforce the traditional/cultural/spiritual values/norms of the Waganakising Odawa to members and clientele, and their families, who are experiencing life challenges resulting from abuse of substances, additions, mental health issues, and/or historical trauma. Dr. Samuels and a team of qualified professionals also call upon existing resources of tribal elders, healers, traditional medicine people, and spiritual leaders, as well as collaborate with other trained professionals and programs.

Contact: Dr. Cheryl Samuels

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