Unemployed White Men: So Much to Lose (Shervin Assari's Interview with Top of Mind)

Why poverty is not a personal choice, but a reflection of society (from The Conversation)

Employment helps white men's health more than women and blacks (from The Conversation)

NEW! UM Press Release:  Blacks, women don't get same health benefit from employment

Dramatic Societal events 'Tied to Patients' Health - Shervin Assari, MD, MPH, responds to this article

Discrimination explains the effects of incarceration history on depression for African American men

Discrimination and Psychological Distress: Gender Differences among Arab Americans

Study finds obesity more likely to cause depression in white women

Why is it so hard to close the racial health gap in the US?

There's an Invisible Workload That Drags Men Down, Too 


The New York Times: Read Thomas B. Edsall's article "Trump Voters Are Feeling It"

The Matt Townsend Show Interview entitled President Elect Trump, Depression and Gender

Researchers find connection between perceived neighborhood safety and mortality

Income, education impact aspects of health in race, gender-specific ways

Get Better: How Emerging Progressiveness Towards Depression Has Reinvigorated Emo & Pop Culture

Blacks withstand stress better than whites, research finds

Is social media behind a surge in self harm? Young women showing signs of depression rises by Half in 20 years

Blacks withstand stress better than whites, research finds

PTSD: Are Algorithms and Big Data the Key to Helping Veterans?

Personal perception of health varies among men and women

Blacks, Latinos have easier time quitting cigarettes than whites

Ability to quit smoking differs by race

Research highlights effects of race, socioeconomic status on premature death

Cardiovascular mortality could be affected by the color of your skin

Race influences how anger impacts cardiovascular health

Study finds race, gender differences in fear of death among elderly

Fear of violence leads to weight problems for some young women

Fat Linked To Fear Factor According To New Study

University study shows education is a risk factor for depression in Black men

Depression: Men more vulnerable to long-term effects of stress

Men found more susceptible to depression in University study

Standard measurements predicting clinical depression not applicable across all races

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Homicides have life-changing impacts on young black men in Baltimore

Stressful events hit men harder

When it comes to predicting depression, race may matter more than was thought

Fear of violence led to weight gain in young black women, Flint-based
study shows

Stresses of teen life need our attention

Race In Depression More Important Than Previously Thought

Mad whites more likely to die from heart issues than blacks

Perceptions of health don't translate country to country

Cortisol overproduction linked to youth anxiety

Hopelessness affects older whites more than blacks

Anxiety in High-Risk Teens Leads to Stress Hormone Overproduction

Despite an easier life, white men are more likely to be depressed

Why stress is more likely to cause depression in men than in women

White Men Have Less Life Stress, But Are More Prone To Depression Because Of It

Race impacts how our perceptions about control over life influences mortality


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