CRECH doctoral scholars have office space at the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health, which allows them to share and collaborate on ideas, data sources, and techniques that facilitate training. The University of Michigan School of Public Health (UMSPH) has a number of other training programs and research initiatives that demonstrate the School’s commitment to diversity and its ability to provide a rich research environment.
• Dr. Neighbors is Director and Dr. Caldwell serves as Co-Director of the Program for Research on Black Americans at the Institute for Social Research. The PRBA houses the NIA-supported Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research and the NIMH-funded African American Mental Health Research Program. PRBA is a leader in creating new and innovative research methods for use in African American communities and is a fertile training ground for students.
The National Center for Institutional Diversity was established in October 2005 and aims to prepare people for active engagement in a diverse society and works toward building productive inclusive communities at the University of Michigan and beyond. The Center will convene scholars, activists and practitioners from a variety of social institutions to develop the models, networks and tools needed for exploring the challenges and opportunities of diversity.
The Prevention Research Center of Michigan was established in 1998 with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Its mission is to close gaps in health disparities and improve health in partnership with families and communities. Dr. Cleopatra Caldwell is the Principal Investigator of an intervention designed to prevent substance abuse by strengthening the relationship between fathers and sons. Dr. Derek Griffith is the Principal Investigator of CBO Capacity Building to Reduce Health Disparities, an intervention research project designed to develop and test a model to enhance community-based organizations’ (CBOs) ability to be more effective and equal partners in local efforts to eliminate health disparities.
• Funding by CDC, the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center was established in 1995 to develop preventive research interventions for selected communities in southwest and east Detroit. URC projects build on the local knowledge of community members to increase local control of environmental factors to improve health.
• The UMSPH Office of Academic Services coordinates and manages several programs designed to aid in the recruitment of students of color, their retention and academic success during their time at the School of Public Health and the timely completion of their degree requirements.
 Additional information on any aspect of the Center's training program can be obtained by writing:
Lynda Fuerstnau

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