Lisbeth Iglesias-Rois 2Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios is a third-year doctoral student in Epidemiology.  Lisbeth has a master's degree in Psychiatry and Medical Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an MPH from the University of New Mexico. Prior to coming to UM-SPH, Lisbeth was a Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow at the Tobacco Control Research Branch, National Cancer Institute, NIH. Lisbeth has worked in Mexico City, Barcelona, and the United States in various research projects as a research assistant and as a licensed substance abuse counselor. Lisbeth's is particularly interested in the pathways through which socio-demographic and psychosocial factors influence physical and mental disease processes among different racial/ethnic groups. Life-course epidemiology and women's health is another area of Lisbeth's interest. Her mentor is Dr. Sioban Harlow.

Contact: Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios 

Selected Publications

Celia Iriart – University of New Mexico (EUA)Alexis J. Handal – University of New Mexico (EUA)Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios – University of Michigan (EUA).  Deconstructing common sense on childhood obesity.  DIVERSITATES International Journal. Revista de saúde coletiva e bioética. Universidade Federal Fluminense - Brasil  Vol. 06, N. 01 – jul. (2014).
Iglesias-Rios L1Bromberg JEMoser RPAugustson EM.  J Immigr Minor Health. 2013 Dec 5. [Epub ahead of print].Food Insecurity, Cigarette Smoking, and Acculturation Among Latinos: Data From NHANES 1999-2008.

Iglesias-Rios, Lisbeth, and Mark Parascandola. 2013. "A Historical Review of R. J. Reynolds’ Strategies for Marketing Tobacco to Hispanics in the United States." American Journal of Public Health, 103(5): e15-e27. DOIAbstract.

Iriart, Celia, and Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios. 2012. "Biomedicalización e infancia: Trastorno de déficit de atención e hiperactividad." Interface- Comunicação, Saúde, Educação, 16(43): 1008-1023.

Sandoval, Jennifer A., Julie Lucero, John Oetzel, Magdalena Avila, Lorenda Belone, Marjorie Mau, Cynthia Pearson, Greg Tafoya, Bonnie Duran, Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, and Nina Wallerstein. 2012. "Process and outcome constructs for evaluating community-based participatory research projects: a matrix of existing measures." Health Education Research, 27(4): 680-690.

Buck Louis, Germaine M., Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, Alexander McLain, Maureen A. Cooney, Paul J. Kostyniak, and Rajeshwari Sundaram. 2011. "Persistent Organochlorine Pollutants and Menstruation." Chemosphere, 85(11): 1742-1748.

Interian, Alejandro, Igda Martinez, Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, Jonathan Krejci, and Peter J. Guarnaccia. 2010. "Adaptation of a Motivational Interviewing Intervention to Improve Antidepressant Adherence among Latinos." Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16(2): 215-225. PMCID: PMC2864952.

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