Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunities

CRECH Summer Internships

The MMHI-CRECH Research Partnership for a Summer Internship Program developed with the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health at the University of Michigan School of Public Health to provide training in health disparities research for two months with opportunities for exposure to different aspects of the Fathers and Sons Program. Research training was provided for two undergraduate students from Hampton University. The services provided for this summer research immersion program included program design, research mentoring, reviewing the literature, writing research hypothesis, developing conceptual models, research methodology workshops, data analysis sessions, scientific writing workshops, relevant research presentations focused on the health of African American men, ethics workshops, participation in Fathers and Sons Project research meetings, research poster development, research presentation skills and exposure to biomedical research careers. Funding for these services was requested from the Minority Men’s Health Initiative (MMHI) at Hampton University.


CRECH Class of 2015



Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) 

CRECH has a long history of sponsoring UROP students to mentor and orient to the various research projects. UROP creates research partnerships between undergraduate students and UM researchers. Click here http://www.crech.org/images/stories/students/Desiree_Sanii.UROP-2_2.pdf for CRECH’s UROP student, Desiree Sanii, who presented a poster entitled “An Analysis of Policy Regarding Non-Resident Fathers,” at the April 22, 2015 Symposium.


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