Welcome to the Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health (CRECH) a research center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health (UMSPH) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. CRECH is known for its commitment to conducting research focused on reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health and training research scientists from groups that have been historically underrepresented in leadership roles in public health.  Please take this opportunity to visit all aspects of our website.

Our philosophy is reflected in our mission: “…CRECH provides a forum for basic and applied public health research on relationships among ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status and health. The Center seeks to develop new interdisciplinary frameworks for understanding these relationships while promoting effective collaborations among public health academicians, health providers, and local communities.”

 Achievements/Future Commitments                               

The Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health (CRECH) was founded by Dr. Sherman James in 1998 and was one of the first freestanding research centers located in a School of Public Health devoted to social justice and health equity from a global perspective. Over the last decade, CRECH has built upon the foundation established by Dr. James by providing academic, social, and financial support to over 67 doctoral and postdoctoral scholars, all devoted to conducting research on the social determinants of ethnic health disparities.  CRECH continues to develop new approaches to those aspects of research, teaching, and practice that focus on the description and reduction of racial and ethnic health disparities. CRECH's goal is to prepare students to address the public health needs of an increasingly diverse society by providing a forum for basic and applied research on racial and ethnic differences in health across all departments within the UMSPH. Currently, there are two components of the CRECH diversity "pipeline" of training programs offered at UMSPHDoctoral Training Program in Racial and Health Disparities, and the Paul B. Cornely Postdoctoral Program in Ethnicity, Culture, and Health.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and associates of CRECH, our vision of how CRECH can position itself to remain one of the foremost academic research centers in the United States will be to strengthen the CRECH research portfolio by expanding the number of funded projects and developing new campus and community partnerships.  Our goal is to “Put CRECH on the map with regard to health disparities research.” We plan to include collaboration with similar organizations, such as the National Center for Institutional Diversity, the Partnership for Program of Black Americans, and closer to home, the University of Michigan School of Social Work. I am very proud of the center, and of the scholars that it funds and trains.

CRECH will continue to provide the opportunity for the School of Public Health, and the profession itself, to open doors to the American experience and how it impacts health and disease.

I welcome your feedback as well as your participation in all CRECH events.

Cleopatra H. Caldwell, Ph.D., Director



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